A New Dimension to Nightlife

High tables, tapas, delicious cocktails and popular in-house music. The perfect time to unwind and dine in another dimension!
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Delicious Cocktails and Trendy In-House Music

We offer a fine selection of foods, Wine and a warm atmosphere.
Rockets Lolitas

A Fresh Approach To Express

Create-your-own salads with crisp locally sourced ingredients, or enjoy our wraps, smoothies and Italian coffees.
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It's a Lifestyle

The key differentiator when it comes to the Rockets brand is that we take the full sensory experience into consideration with every store we open. We pride ourselves on excellence. From customer service to each and every menu item, we cater to a uniquely exceptional dining experience. The brand itself has also taken flight becoming more than just a restaurant, but a lifestyle our audience aspires to.